Welcome to the EVER Scan documentation. As a user, it will help you learn how to use the blockchain explorer, as well as learn about all its functions.
Developers can also check out the API section (The section is in progress). Using the API for integration, developers will be able to use Everscale data in their Dapp.

About EVER Scan

EVER Scan is an Everscale blockchain explorer.
In simple terms, it is a blockchain search engine that allows you to find and view various data stored in the blockchain. This is an online tool to view all transactions that have taken place on the blockchain, the current network hash rate and transaction growth, and the activity on blockchain addresses, among other helpful information.
As a recall, a blockchain consists of blocks containing a set of transactions. Transparency is one of the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies, and blockchain explorers allow users to benefit from this.
EVER Scan allows users to enter a public address and receive information about all transactions going to and from that address. It also provides information about all blocks added to the chain, transaction processing speed, the number of tokens stored at a specific address, and more. Recall that the native token of the Everscale network is EVER. It is this token that is used in the form of transaction fees, as well as rewards for validators.
Last modified 1yr ago